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Crack and Delaminated/Spalled Concrete Repair

Crack repair consisted of epoxy injection from the soffit of the deck. Injection ports were typically installed at 11" (275 mm) on center. Injection took place while the existing deck coating was in place to assist in retaining the epoxy. After the existing deck coating was removed, the remaining cracks were repaired using a low-viscosity, gravity-flow epoxy applied from the top of the deck. Spalls and delaminated concrete were edge cut with diamond saws in accordance with ICRI guidelines and deteriorated concrete was removed to sound substrate using 15lb. (7kg) chipping hammers. The removed sections of deck were repaired using polymer-modified concrete.


The existing elastomeric membrane was removed using rotary carbide strippers. The concrete was then shotblasted to provide the proper profile in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. After the completion of the crack, spall, and joint repairs and the CFRP installation, the elastomeric deck coating was placed. The coating system consisted of a primer, a has coat, two intermediate coats, and a topcoat, comprising approximately 70 mils (1800 micrometers).


Quality control of all work was monitored by the owner's representative on site. In-situ and laboratory testing was conducted on the various elements of the repair project to ensure compliance with the specifications.


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