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Three factors which allowed the deck to continue in fairly uninterrupted service were

arrow_blue The relatively thick section of the deck,
arrow_blue The short span of 8' (2.5 m) or less between supporting beams,
arrow_blue The protective coating that was applied in 1985.

Random cracking present in the deck was primary in a direction parallel to the main tendons and the span. This would indicate that loading on the deck had not yet developed enough stress in bending to crack the underside, or tension face, of the deck between supports. Cracks perpendicular to the span appeared over beams, where the top flange of the beam is embedded in the slab, creating a weak point. figure02aSince this is also the theoretical point of maximum negative moment it is not uncommon to expect cracking at this location. Other cracking parallel to the span seems to follow embedded electrical or plumbing conduits, and is expected and non-stress related.


The application of the protective coating eliminated most of the moisture from getting to the concrete and penetrating though its pore structure or through existing cracks. This slowed the ASR process and greatly reduced the formation of new cracks. It also reduced the intrusion of moisture and oxygen which is required for corrosion of the tendons to spread easily. Although it is generally accepted that once ASR or corrosion exist, they cannot be completely eliminated; in this case, the degradation has been significantly reduced.



Load-tests confirmed the increased capacity of the deck.


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