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Repair Options

The first investigative consultant had suggested installing an external post-tensioned system to restore the integrity of the deck. However, it was felt that this approach would not be suited to meet the needs of the station, either in performance or future maintenance requirements. Several other modifications were considered, including:

arrow_blue Addition of steel framing to reduce the span of the concrete; and
arrow_blue The installation of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) system to restore the lost tensile capacity of the deck.


Complicating the repair selection was the access restriction to the soffit of the deck, since all work had to take place while the Station was operating. After considering the pros and cons of all the repair options, including costs, the following repairs were recommended and implemented:

arrow_blue Provide CFRP reinforcing to the concrete deck in areas which were considered to be unreinforced due to a significant or total loss of pre-stress in the post-tensioning tendon(s).
arrow_blue Provide a secondary CFRP reinforcement system to non-distressed areas of the deck to ensure ductility of the concrete deck and provide warning of failure of the deck in the event of overloading or an undetected loss of pre-stress in the post-tensioning system.
arrow_blue Repair structural cracking using both pressure and gravity injection processes. Repair delaminated and spalled areas with polymer-modified concrete.
arrow_blue figure06Replace the existing deck coasting with an approved coating capable of providing a minimum guarantee of five years protection to the concrete deck, based on its expected use.


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