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Featured Projects- (Concrete Repair and Restoration Projects)
Historical Restoration of
Citadel Outlets
Built in 1929 for the Samson Tire and Rubber Company (later bought by Uniroyal) The Citadel is the 2nd most recognized building in Los Angeles, the first being Los Angeles City hall.

The plant was modeled after a 7th Century B.C. ancient Assyrian palace including a 1,350-foot-long (later expanded to 1,750) crenulated concrete wall decorated with heraldic griffins and bas-reliefs of Babylonian princes carved into the stone between impressive pillars and towers. The design, dedicated to the civilizations of Sumeria, Akkadia and Babylonia, conveys strength and style.

This historic building was in need of restoration and the current owners selected ACE Restoration, after visiting many of our historic restoration projects (The New Mart Building, Disney's El Capatain Theater, Huntington Library, Griffith Park Observatory) and seeing the quality of our work for this important project.

The scope of this work included:
  • Re-creating & re-casting original architectural details, that had fallen of the building or were damaged.
  • Extensive patching of eroded walls areas
  • Epoxy injection of walls cracks
  • Skim coating of wall to bring surface back to original finish
  • Caulking of all joints & windows
  • Installing clear consolidate & sealer to natural concrete bands
  • Installing waterproof coating to entire building.
  • Protective coating.

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Historical Restoration of Citadel Outlets
Los Angeles, CA
Renaissance Esmeralda Resort
This water feature at the main pool at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort, was built with very porous concrete and insufficient concrete cover over the rebar. The high chlorine content of the water, caused severe corrosion of the reinforcing and subsequent spalling of the concrete.
  • Solution to this problem was to remove all concrete cover over the rebar cage.
  • Sandblast the steel to remove corrosion.
  • Apply a anti-corrosion protective coating to the steel.
  • Then ACE formed the columns and installed a dense, high strength polymer mortar.
  • A penetrating corrosion inhibiting sealer was applied for further protection.
  • To increase confinement of columns a "state of the art" composite was installed. This not only increased the strength of the columns, but offered further protection from the chlorinated water.
  • The final step was to install a elastomeric waterproof coating.
Palm Desert, CA
Blue Diamond Almonds
The silos at Blue Diamond Almond had experienced severe cracking. This cracking not only reduced the structural capacity of these silos, but also was point of moisture penetration into the silos which was spoiling the almonds.

ACE structurally repaired all the concrete cracks using high-pressure epoxy injection. A waterproof elastomeric coating was applied to the silos to prevent future moisture penetration.

The structural capacity of a old brick wall was restored by enlarging the thickness wall with pneumatically placed mortar (shotcrete) This wall also was coated with a elastomeric coating.
Sacramento, CA
Carson Reclamation
The Los Angeles County Sanitation District sole specifies the Linabond Co-Mastic system for protection of concrete under the most extreme conditions (gaseous hydrogen sulfide).

The Linabond system consists of a dense PVC liner embedded into a urethane mastic for unsurpassed protection. ACE has installed more square feet of this product then any other local contractor. For further information please visit Linabond's website @
Carson, CA
Huntington Library Historical Restoration
Historical restoration is our favorite type of work. We get to show off some of our extensive experience in re-creating historical architectural details. Our experience & quality is why The Huntington Library choose ACE for the restoration of the Carriage House.

The scope of this work included:
Re-creating original architectural details such as balustrades, railings, column capitals. Extensive pinning and repairs were made to restore the structural integrity of the building.
Pasadena, CA
Linabond Polymer
Linabond SP Reaction Injection System™ is for repair and protection of damaged structures or new construction including pipelines, wet wells, conveyance and diversion structures, grit chambers, process and storage tanks, and other areas needing structural repair, corrosion protection, or gas/liquid containment. Interlocking rigid PVC gas barrier/Form sheets are installed with a small annular space between them and the prepared surface of the original structure. The rigid PVC acts a s the form for the thermosetting polymer. A pour-applied exothermic mix-at-point Linabond Structural Polymer™ is injected into the space, simultaneously penetrating the substrate and cross-linking with the PVC liner to form a Co-Liner™. The injected polymer thickness ranges from an average of ½ inch to 8 inches and begins hardening immediately. For further information please visit Linabond's website @
Carson, CA
Port of Long Beach
Due to some initial incorrect surveying, the benchmark elevations for these crane rails were too low. To correct this problem ACE was consulted to design & install a high performance 2" topping for these rails. A special mix design which incorporated fiber mesh into the mix was installed to the correct elevations.
Long Beach, CA
Sea World - Dolphin Stadium
ACE was selected by Sea World to repair the damage done to the stairs from the corrosive salt water environment at the Dolphin Stadium.

After the repairs were completed a attractive non-slip protective coating was installed.
San Diego, CA
SCE Kern River
Extensive repairs were made to the 20 mile aqua duct system used to bring water to the Southern California Edison Power Plants along the Kern River. The difficult access (small dirt paths) and remoteness of the repairs made this one of our most challenging projects to date. Many times helicopters had to be used to bring equipment & materials to extremely remote locations.

Repairs included:
  • Extensive concrete repairs, ranging from pneumatically placed concrete (shotcrete), form and pump work and hand applied mortars.
  • Protective coating.
  • Structural Upgrades
This is our single largest project to date at $2,200,000.00. The project was completed 1 month ahead of schedule.
Kernville, CA
Historical Restoration of
The Griffith Park Observatory

Historical Restoration of a Los Angeles Landmark. Due to water-intrusion over the years, the reinforcing steel in the concrete was corroding. As this rust layer builds, tensile forces generated by the expansion of the oxide caused the concrete to crack & delaminate.

ACE technicians artfully handcrafted the patching of this building, to match the original architectural details.


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Historical Restoration of The Griffith Park Observatory
Los Angeles, CA


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