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Unique Features of the Project:

The most unique feature of this project for the repair of Hanger Building 340 can be summarized as follows:

Met the guidelines for a State Historical Structure since the repairs did not change the physical appearance of the hanger.

Life of this essential facility for the Navy extended at least 25 years.

All repair/restoration work was completed in less than three months. Thus, the Navy was able to utilize hanger for maintenance of helicopters much earlier than anticipated.

Cost of this repair/restoration accomplished for about $950,000; This is about $5/sq.ft. of facility, and about 1/2 the cost of other proposed methods, such as heavy fabric suspended from the thin shell concrete roof.

Repair employed a significant number of unique repair products in combination with each other that were used to extend the life of the structure by reducing future corrosion of the reinforcing steel and carbonation of the concrete.

No construction accidents or injuries, despite the fact that most of the work was performed by high lifts working at heights of eighty feet.

Since completion a year ago, there has not been even one new concrete spall.

Project requirements established minimum on-site training by material manufacturer for all personnel.

Project requirements established a Quality Standard of Repair for spalls in order to determine minimum acceptable standards for repair. This was aided by the use of onsite mock-ups that the contractor was required to install prior to the commencement of any work.


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