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About ACE Restoration and Waterproofing

Mission Statement

Letters for Recommendations

Services ACE Restoration and Waterproofing Provides

Concrete Repair, Concrete Restoration & Protection

Concrete Strengthening, Seismic Upgrades, Tensile Reinforcing

Waterproofing, Concrete Waterproofing

ACE Restoration Projects

Featured Projects

Naval Air Station - Concrete Repair of Hangar

Structural Characteristics

Reasons for Repair

Inspection/Evaluation Methods

Test/Inspection Results

Causes of Deterioration

Repair System Selection

Site Preparation

Demolition Method

Surface Preparation

Application Method Selection

Repair Process Execution

Unforeseen Condition Found

Unique Features of the Project


Pearl Harbor - Pier Upgrade - Demonstration Site

Executive Summary

The objective

Project Background

Bravo 25 Description


Crane Rail Removal

Loss of Transverse Negative Moment Capacity over the Outboard Crane Rail

Concrete Repair Materials

Top Deck Repair Procedure

Under Deck Repairs

Catholic Protection System

Catholic Protection System Installation

Grout Resistively Measurements

Reinforcing Steel Lead Wire Installation

Upgrade Reinforcement - Introduction

Analysis of Bravo-25 Load Response

Calculation of Bravo 25 Resistance

Modes of Failure

Bravo 25 Upgrade Design

Concrete Surface Preparation

Embedded Reinforcement

Wet Lay-Up Composite Laminate

Proof Tests Using Impact Load Method



Turbine Deck Load Capacity Restored

Root Causes of Deck Deterioration


Testing of Post-Tensioning Tendons

Analysis of Deck

Repair Options

Deck Restoration

CFRP Surface Preparation and Application

Crack and Delaminated/Spalled Concrete Repair



Recent Projects

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Renaissance Esmeralda Resort

Blue Diamond Almonds

Carson Reclamation

Huntington Library Historical Restoration

Linabond Polymer

Port of Long Beach, California

SeaWorld - Dolphin Stadium

SCE Kern River

Historical Restoration of The Griffith Park Observatory


Structural Upgrades and Waterproofing

SCE - Agnew Leak Repair

Manhattan Towers Waterproofing

St Joseph Hospital

Flexural & Shear Upgrade Intel Corp.

Composite Upgrade of Wood Beams

City of Inglewood Carbon Fiber Column Wrap

Carbon Upgrade of SDG & E Vault

Structural Column Wrap Burbank Media Center


Latest News

1998 ICRI Award of Excellence

- Turbine Deck Load Capacity Restored

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ACE Restoration and Waterproofing Quick Service Overview:

Concrete repair; concrete restoration, structural upgrade, epoxy injection, waterproofing, and more concrete technologies in Anaheim California (CA) by ACE Restoration and Waterproofing.

Concrete Repair, Concrete Restoration, Epoxy Injection, Waterproofing

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